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Eyetelligence is dedicated to the community in providing a lifetime of quality and affordable eye care with professionalism, friendliness and compassion. At Eyetelligence, Patients are our prime focus. Eyetelligence fosters a culture of medical care excellence through technological advancement.

Eye Examinations

The doctors at Eyetelligence Optometry will perform multiple tests and examine your eyes for ocular diseases, systemic diseases related to your eyes and discuss these results in depth with you.


When choosing a pair of glasses there is so much more to it than ensuring they just look good. Frames and lenses come in a wide range of materials. Frames are available in acetate (plastic) as well as metal materials such as stainless steel and the ultimate in metal, titanium

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are now available for almost all prescriptions, even in bifocals, cosmetic colors, and astigmatism. Contact lenses even come in one-day disposables for those who may only want to wear them part-time (sporting or social activities).

Highly qualified, experienced and skilled Physicians, Assistants and Trained Ancillary Staff deliver the required treatment and consultation with the ultimate precision, success and patient satisfaction.

All of our eye care professionals stay at the fore front of technology and are committed to on going education. It is also our commitment to educate our patients on all their eye care needs. We strive to exceed our expectation!!